Work-Related Stress Week

Know Yourself

The stakes are high, at work and/or at home as well. Can you indicate your limits, can you even find solutions, can you share your worries with others? It’s important to develop a certain level of resilience in order to relax after a stressful period of time. Do you know how to do that? Do you have enough job satisfaction or are you under too much pressure? And how to increase/ reduce the one or the other to reach a balance?

How do you recover after peak?

It’s important to know about your own situation

  • Tense and tired: survival mode
  • Energetic and focused: high output
  • No focus and frustration: zombie mode
  • Fairly relaxed and open for suggestions: recovery mode

A quick recovery after a peak period is the ideal situation as you will need some relaxation in order to confront another busy period.

Tips for relaxing at work after a peak:

  • Ask a colleague to join you for a walk
  • Get coffee on a different floor
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Switch to a task that requires a different kind of energy
  • Take a short break to listen to music

What should i do now?

Ask yourself the following question a few times, but place the emphasis on a different word each time. That way, the meaning changes and you can better understand why you feel under pressure.

Test how happy you are at work!