Getting started

It is important to understand more about resilience, strength and mental health. It is useful to supplement that knowledge with specific tips, workshops and perhaps even (one-to-one) coaching to increase your mental resilience. But in the end you have to implement this knowledge in your work/live. So where do you start? And how do you keep it up?

The solution lies in shifting your focus from your ultimate goals to the first step in the here and now. You can do that by starting with tiny habits. These are simple, enjoyable and proven ways of changing behaviour.

A Tiny Habits is a
specific action that:

  • You do at least once a day
  • Takes less than 30 seconds of your time
  • Takes little effort

Tiny Habits

After I hang up the phone,

I take three deep calming breaths.

When I go to bed, I think of a positive highlight of the day.

After lunch, I take a longer route back to the office.

More examples? Click on the link below.

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